there are all kinds of goods, gizmos, and gadgets in this universe. below are listed TRI's main concerns, and a few miscellaneous things. any and all of these are available for trading at your neighborhood space station.

Available Commodities
Common Name ID Classification
Aluminum  Aluminum Al Trivalent Metallic Element
Ammunition  Ammunition Ammo Components
Antimony  Antimony Sb Metalloid Element
Armor  Armor Armor Components
Barium  Barium Ba Metallic Element
Boron  Boron B Metalloid Element
Carbon  Carbon C Element
Cesium  Cesium Cs Metallic Element
Chemicals  Chemicals CH Construction Material
Chromium  Chromium Cr Metallic Element
Cobalt  Cobalt Co Metallic Element
Common Metals  Common Metals O-1 Ore
Composites  Composites Com Components
Conflux Biomass  Conflux Biomass ? BioMaterial
Construction Materials  Construction Materials CM Tradegood
Copper  Copper Cu Metallic Element
CPUs  CPUs CPU Computing Material
Electronics  Electronics EL Computing Material
Erbium  Erbium Er Metallic Element
Explosives  Explosives Exp Components
Fiber Optics  Fiber Optics FO Components
Fuel Cells  Fuel Cells FU Fuel Source
Gallium  Gallium Ga Metallic Element
Gemwoods  Gemwoods GW Tradegood
Germanium  Germanium Ge Metalloid Element
Gold  Gold Au Metallic Element
Grain  Grain GRN Staple Life Source
Gravitational Components  Gravitational Components GravC Components
Helium  Helium He Noble Gas
Ice  Ice O-3 Ore
Indium  Indium In Metallic Element
Iridium  Iridium Ir Metallic Element
Iron  Iron Fe Metallic Element
Laser Components  Laser Components LC Components
Lithium  Lithium Li Metallic Element
Machined Parts  Machined Parts MP Components
Magnesium  Magnesium Mg Metallic Element
Magnetics  Magnetics Mag Components
Manufactured Foods  Manufactured Foods MF Staple Life Source
Natural Products  Natural Products NP Tradegood
Medical Supplies  Medical Supplies MED Tradegood
Molybdenum  Molybdenum Mo Transition Element
Nitrogen  Nitrogen N Gas
Octavia Light  Octavia Light OL Tradegood
Optics  Optics Op Components
Organic Foods  Organic Foods OF Staple Life Source
Palladium  Palladium Pd Transition Element
Phosphorous  Phosphorous P Nonmetallic Element
Platinum  Platinum Pt Transition Element
Plutonium  Plutonium Pu Radioactive Metallic Element
Power Converters  Power Converters PC Components
Precious Metals  Precious Metals 0-5 Ore
Prosthetics  Prosthetics SyO Tradegood
Proximity Fuses  Proximity Fuses PF Components
Quanus Ice  Quanus Ice ? Tradegood
Radioactive Metals  Radioactive Metals O-2 Ore
Radium  Radium Ra Radioactive Metallic Element
RAM  RAM RAM Computing Material
RF Transceivers  RF Transceivers RFT Components
Semifluxors  Semifluxors 0-4 Ore
Silicon  Silicon Si Metalloid Element
Silver  Silver Ag Metallic Element
Solrain Stout  Solrain Stout ? Tradegood
Synthetics  Synthetics Sy Components
Textiles  Textiles TX Tradegood
Titanium  Titanium Ti Transition Element
Uranium  Uranium U Radioactive Metallic Element
Vanadium  Vanadium V Transition Element
Water  Water HO Staple Life Source
X-0013-S  X-0013-S X-0013-S Shipping Crate
X-1901-L  X-1901-L X-1901-L Classified Container (C/HMC)
X-3555-L  X-3555-L X-3555-L Classified Container (C/HMC)
X-4533-L  X-4533-L X-4533-L Classified Container (C/HMC)
X-7770-L  X-7770-L X-7770-L Classified Container (C/HMC)
X-8821-L  X-8821-L X-8821-L Classified Container (C/HMC)
X-9450-C  X-9450-C X-9450-C Optical Data Disc
Xenon  Xenon Xe Noble Gas
Zinc  Zinc Zn Transition Element