Lately pilots have been noticing an increased amount of Conflux activity. What was initially assessed as no more than a menace has rapidly degenerated into a larger threat. To date TRI has recorded the following data about the Conflux.

Known Conflux Species
CodeName Classification
C-0 "Jellyfish" Scouting Drone
C-1 "Squid" Biological Probe
C-2 "Squid" Biological Probe
C-3 "Squid" Biological Probe
C-4 "Snail" Conflux Bomber
C-5 "Snail" Conflux Bomber
C-6 "Manta" Advanced Conflux Fighter
C-7 "Manta" Advanced Conflux Fighter
C-8 "Kraken" Conflux Sharpshooter
C-9 "Kraken" Conflux Sharpshooter
C-10 "Eel" Conflux Corvette
C-11 "Phocaena" Conflux Intercept Fighter
C-12 "Phocaena" Conflux Intercept Fighter
C-13 "Nautaloid" Mortar/Projectile
C-14 "Nautaloid" Mortar/Projectile
C-15 "Nautaloid" Mortar/Projectile
C-16 "Stingray" Projectile
C-17 "Stingray" Laser
C-18 "Stingray" Ion
C-19 "Prawn" Projectile
C-20 "Prawn" Laser
C-21 "Prawn" Plasma
C-22 "Krill" Projectile
C-23 "Krill" Laser
C-24 "Krill" Ion
C-25 "Great Prawn" Projectile
C-26 "Great Prawn" Ion
C-27 "Great Prawn" Plasma
"Infestation" Jumpgate Infestation