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Long Range Mortar
Annihilitech's pride and joy, a ship with two Senators is nothing to negotiate with. The concussion caused by this mortar weapon will blow your foe to pieces in a few hits. One major disadvantage is the lack of speed, but if you land two or three rounds, that won't be a problem.

Production Center(s): Hyperial
CodeName: Senator
Classification: Long Range Mortar
Manufacturer: Annihiltech
TechLevel: 20
Size(ucs): 2
Mass(kg): 1,850
Velocity(m/s): 2,000
Delay(s): 1.25
Damage(u): 1,010.0 K
Energy Use(nJ/f): 124,400
Ammo: 160
Required Components: Iron   Iron
Molybdenum   Molybdenum
Carbon   Carbon
Machined Parts   Machined Parts