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Ion Gun
Aristio's entry into the ion weapons field challenges Annihilitech's monopoly. Regardless of business concerns, this more lightweight device promises to make ion guns very popular, especially among Quantar pilots.

Production Center(s): Quantar Core
Quantar Tripoint
CodeName: Spitfire
Classification: Ion Gun
Manufacturer: Aristio Conglomerate
TechLevel: 15
Size(ucs): 2
Mass(kg): 650
Velocity(m/s): 6,000
Delay(s): 0.9
Damage(u): 730.0 K
Energy Use(nJ/f): 1148.0 K
Ammo: 0
Required Components: Copper   Copper
Molybdenum   Molybdenum
Electronics   Electronics
Xenon   Xenon
Laser Components   Laser Components
Optics   Optics