technical specifications   

"Long Sword"

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Torpedoes are some of the most powerful weapons in the systems. Pilots must be careful, however, to put enough distance between them and their quarry, since the Long Sword needs time to track its target.

Production Center(s): Solrain Core
Solrain Wake
Solrain Cornea
CodeName: Long Sword
Classification: Torpedo
Manufacturer: T&P Systems
TechLevel: 12
Size(ucs): 4
Mass(kg): 500
Thrust(gF): 185,000
Max Pitch(d/s): 26
Max Yaw(d/s): 26
m-drag: 0.56
Damage(u): 12,000.0 K
Life: 40
Required Components: Titanium   Titanium
Electronics   Electronics
Fuel Cells   Fuel Cells
Explosives   Explosives