technical specifications   


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T&P doesn't mess around. They decided to make a small, light, yet effective rocket and this is it. It doesn't promise to do massive damage, but any ship can carry quite a few of them, and you won't need to sell your children for the price.

Production Center(s): Solrain Core
Solrain Wake
Solrain Cornea
CodeName: Spear
Classification: Rocket
Manufacturer: T&P Systems
TechLevel: 2
Size(ucs): 1
Mass(kg): 180
Thrust(gF): 100,000
Max Pitch(d/s): 0
Max Yaw(d/s): 0
m-drag: 0.1
Damage(u): 6,000.0 K
Life: 8
Required Components: Titanium   Titanium
Fuel Cells   Fuel Cells
Explosives   Explosives