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Magnetic Anomaly Detector
Seeing a market for improved radar that will fit in the base radar mount of most ships, T&P upgraded the Knocker's amps and filters, and placed them in the new Chime wave-guide to squeeze out a 20% range improvement.

Production Center(s): Solrain Core
Solrain Wake
Solrain Cornea
CodeName: Chime
Classification: Magnetic Anomaly Detector
Manufacturer: T&P Systems
TechLevel: 5
SensorLevel: 1
Size(ucs): 1
Mass(kg): 200
Max Range(m): 24,000
Power Use(W): 78,000
Required Components: Aluminum   Aluminum
Germanium   Germanium
Palladium   Palladium
Silver   Silver
RF Transceivers   RF Transceivers