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Gravity Flux Detector
In an attempt to take some of the market share from Cromforge Enterprises, T&P offered this medium range but reasonably priced detection system. Like the Hall Monitor, the Doorbell won't pick up an Amananth reflector, but it will give you more time to react to surprises by sensing activity further ahead.

Production Center(s): Solrain Core
Solrain Wake
Solrain Cornea
CodeName: Doorbell
Classification: Gravity Flux Detector
Manufacturer: T&P Systems
TechLevel: 16
SensorLevel: 4
Size(ucs): 3
Mass(kg): 300
Max Range(m): 40,000
Power Use(W): 250.0 K
Required Components: Aluminum   Aluminum
Germanium   Germanium
Palladium   Palladium
Silver   Silver
RF Transceivers   RF Transceivers