TRI has many pilots worthy of note for their efforts. However, the pilot who is granted a title is at the top (or bottom) of the pile during the last 24 hours of analyzed official statistics. Only one pilot may hold any given title at any one time, and no more than one. Should you encounter an officially recognized TRI pilot, it would be wise to show the proper respect.

Available Titles
Complete Title Type Requirements
Affluent Profits Expert Small Trophy Highest Networth
Cowardly Bounty Hunter Tarnished Small Trophy Lowest Average Bounty Per Hour
Fatality Expert Tarnished Midsize Trophy Highest Death Count
Grand Master Assassin Midsize Trophy Highest Kill Count
Grand Master Bounty Hunter Trophy Average Bounty
Grand Master Veteran Trophy (Hours x 10) + Experience
Master Assassin Midsize Trophy Highest Average Kills Per Hour
Master Bounty Hunter Small Trophy Highest Average Bounty Per Hour
Master Veteran Midsize Trophy Highest Average Experience Per Hour
Exterminator of the Void Midsize Trophy Most Conflux Kills
Master Warrior Pendant Highest Kill Ratio
Munitions Combat Specialist Pendant Highest Gunshot Hits
Munitions Sniping Specialist Pendant Highest Gun Accuracy
Operations Expert Small Trophy Most Missions Completed
Profits Expert Small Trophy Most Credits Per Hour
Projectile Combat Specialist Pendant Most Missile Hits
Projectile Sniping Specialist Pendant Highest Missile Accuracy
Pusillanimous Bounty Hunter Tarnished Small Trophy Lowest Average Bounty
Superior Operations Expert Small Trophy Highest Mission Success Ratio
Transport Specialist Pendant Highest Insurance Rating