CargoNET System

Hello, pilot. Sagrith Hubri here, from the TRI Economic Affairs Office. We've just developed a system to help you with finding lucrative cargo runs.

CargoNET - Your guide to best-profit trading

TRI's cargo run finding system is called CargoNET. Simply use your standard communications interface to access. Syntax is
/cargonet {cargo amount} {credits to spend} (optional)faction

{cargo amount} represents the maximum number of units you would like to haul. If you enter an amount greater than your vessel's capacity, CargoNET will issue an advisory.

{credits to spend} represents the maximum investment you wish to make on the current run. It is never prudent to invest more than half your available cash on a cargo, in case of piracy or accident, but that does not stop avid merchant pilots from doing so routinely.

Typing "faction" at the end of the command will restrict the lookup to stations of the same faction as the station where you are currently docked. This feature is especially useful to pilots wishing to reduce their risk by remaining in home faction space.

At Solrain request, CargoNET also responds to /profit and /p, using the same parameters listed above.

To find the highest profit run possible with a capacity of 8 cargo and c50,000 available, enter:
/profit 8 50000

To find the highest profit run in the current faction's territory, with 500 cargo and c2,000,000 to invest, enter:
/profit 500 2000000 faction

CargoNET can only be accessed from within a TRI station. Pilots should take note that the system is real-time and that taxation rates and item prices may change slightly due to events elsewhere while you are in transit to your destination.