Profanity Filter

Jumpgate contains a user definable profanity filter. This system allows you to filter out any and every word which you find offensive simply by editing a text file. To define terms for your profanity filter, open the profanity.txt file in your Jumpgate directory. Now add a line delimited list of offensive words (i.e. one word per line.) The next time you run jumpgate each letter after the first will appear garbled. (For instance, if you define "Trade" in profanity.txt, you will see "T%$#@" when this term is used in chat.)

It is important to note that the profanity filter is case sensitive, and cannot check words within words. For instance, if you want to filter out the word "bug", and someone types "Bug" or "bugs", they would not be filtered out since it is a different word.

This filter locally sorts incoming chat ONLY, and does not filter outgoing messages for other users. (This means that offensive language from your client may appear garbled to you, but other players will see it clearly.)

This filter is meant to sort derogatory terms ONLY. This feature does not mean that foul language is condoned, encouraged, or tolerated. Please refer to the Rules of Conduct for further information on this topic.