Hello pilot, this is Sagrith Hubri. This is never a pleasant topic, but none the less one that needs to be discussed - taxes. Here's a basic overview of the TRI taxation system, and what it means to you as a TRI citizen.

Tax Percentages - How to Calculate your Payment

Every purchase you make is based on two tax systems. The first is the standard TRI tax, and the second is a faction specific tax. The total of these two taxes average out to be about 1% of every purchase for commodities and 10.0% for equipment. However, this tax changes on a per-pilot basis.

cost with tax displayed on purchase item pop-up in the market

Each faction calculates tax based on political rating. The exact formula is not public knowledge, but from the following examples you can estimate your tax.


political rating:

total tax change:













beacons - tax break

Since beacon positional data is invaluable to TRI, tax brakes are given to each faction depending on the current number of beacons they control. For each beacon, 0.01% of a faction's overall tax is removed. (So if a faction were to control 100 beacons, pilots of that faction would not pay any tax on commodities and 9% tax on equipment.) Beacon tax breaks are calculated at the time of the sale, so it's worth checking your map before purchasing high credit items.

Tax Calculation Example

Let's assume that you are a Solrain docked at Quantar Core Station. You have a political rating of 50 (Dedicated) with Quantar, and Solrain currently owns 25 beacons. You are trying to purchase a commodity that costs 122445 credits before tax.

First calculate your tax break from beacons. Since 25 beacons are held, subtract 0.25% from the average tax, which is 1.0% for commodities and 10.0% for equipment. Your tax after beacons is 0.75%.

Next calculate your political status tax modifier. Since your rating with Quantar is 50 (Dedicated), assume there will be a +1% tax change. This leaves you with a 1.75% tax.

Since the initial item cost 122445, your tax will be about 2143. Your total cost should then be 124588.