Wingman Program

Hello, trooper. I am Tache Uzelin, Divisional Leader of the TRI Ministry of Defense. I hear you're interested in the wingman program...

Wingman - Two guns are better than one

The wingman program is a relatively new TRI initiative aimed at promoting escorts and cooperative flights in hostile space. This program allows two pilots to share experience from both Conflux kills and beacons. (Both pilots must be in the same sector when the kill is made to share Conflux experience.)

To create a wing, type /wing callsign (Callsign is case sensitive.) This pilot will be informed that you have requested to become their wingman. The second pilot must then type the same command, /wing name, but with the initiating pilot's name. You are now wingmen. To leave a wing, type /wingoff. A wing is also broken if either pilot disconnects from the Jumpgate universe.