Jumpgate Timeline

BT = Before TRI

*Much of the ancient historical dates are reconstructed from a few pieces of actual surviving data as well as legends as tales. They are therefore no more than an approximation of when these events actually took place.

5000 BT

Discovery of fuel-driven flight.

4850 BT

Discovery of space flight.

4370 BT

Plasma Drive invented. The device took advantage of intense heat energy contained in a magnetic field.

3900 BT

Colonization of the first planet. Although there is no proof of this theory, the Quantar claim that this colony was settled by their early ancestors. Location and name are unknown. This planet might have been located near the Venure Belt and was lost during the Great Collapse or earlier. Today the Quantar call this “Nah’ Shatar”, meaning “dwelling of the ancients”.

3350 BT

NLS propulsion system invented. The NLS (Near Light Speed) is believed to have been the beginning of a new era of colonization.

3320 to 2700 BT

No historical data can be reconstructed during this period. Scientists believe that as a result of the NLS propulsion system the distances became so great as to make effective communication impossible.

2690 BT

First verified record of a newly founded system named Solaria, assumed to be the cradle of Solrain civilization.

2620 BT

Charta Solaria signed. The CS is a rather lengthy treaty between what was then already called Solrain and Octavius. It mainly deals with the establishment of borders and neutral areas. There is no mention of the technology that enabled both races to meet or communicate.

2390 BT

First mention of Quantar and Hyperial. The historical document is a simple contract in which Quantar is obligated to perform mining operations for Hyperial. Within there are also mentions of “perfunctory delivery of Quantar subjects for research purposes in exchange for medications”. The Quantar claim to this day that this passage serves as positive proof of genetic experimentation on sentient beings, thereby justifying the eventual outbreak of the GVB Wars.

2210 BT

Civil wars at Octavius claim millions of lives. The few kernels of data that were recovered lead to the assumption that this war was fought on two neighboring planets between land and space forces.

2175 BT

Quantar and Hyperial fight the Jihad al Din (aka Faith Wars, GVB Wars), which ends in the catastrophic defeat of Hyperial and the total destruction of their fleet.

2100 BT

The Treaty of Soria is signed, promising peace and trade between the four systems of Solrain, Octavius, Quantar and Hyperial. The following centuries are a golden era of unprecedented prosperity and technological advancement.

2000 BT

The Great Collapse rips through the systems, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. The main Solrain planet vanished, along with many others. Space stations, production centers, communication arrays as well as all computers and databases are either destroyed or disabled. Only a few fragments of data from the massive Solrain database survive, effectively nullifying millennia of scientific discoveries. In addition the Collapse causes physical changes rendering the few remaining technologies useless. Known space is at the edge of oblivion – yet civilization survives in some places, barely.

2000 BT – 1000 BT

No historical data of any significance exists, due to the total breakdown of communications. This era is commonly known as a "Dark Age."

998 BT

The Solrain Reconstruction Initiative is founded with its three main purposes, known as “the Three Laws of Pioneering”. They are:

1. The Rediscovery of the Galaxy

2. The Search for Arcane Knowledge

3. The Repopulation of the surviving planets

The Laws of Pioneering later served as the basis for the first TRI charter.

800 BT

SRI scientists discover gravitic fluctuation fields, a discovery that would soon lead to the development of jumpgates.

421 BT

W. J. Samons discovers the Defluxer Theory that establishes the basis for Jumpgates. Shortly thereafter construction of the first Jumpgate begins. Samons dies before it is finished, but remains a legend and a hero to everybody to this day. Although better known as “jumpdrive”, the device enabling pilots to jump through gates is officially called the “Samons Jump Actuator”.

409 BT

The experimental spacecraft “Revival” executes the first jump. The ship successfully reappears in Quantar space, but all crew members are dead not able to withstand the gravitic forces of the jump. However, for the coming centuries the jumpgate serves as a communications bridge between Solrain and Quantar.

201 BT

A consortium of Solrain and Quantar scientists discover the secret of Genetic Alterations, allowing the safe passage of life forms through the gates.

1 AT

Quantar joins the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative, which is renamed The Reconstruction Initiative.

20.7 AT

Contact with Octavius is re-established after the construction of a new jumpgate in The Inner Lighthouse.

26.4 AT

Octavius joins The Reconstruction Initiative. With them the Octavians bring a remarkable compacting technology that allows TRI to build “gate constructors”, small unmanned vessels capable of rapidly building the support and control structures of a jumpgate.

38.5 AT

Discovery of Amananth. Although no Amananth has ever been seen in public, explorers discover a perfectly built, well stocked, and fully automated station in Amananth space. Trade is soon initiated and has been flourishing ever since.

40.7 AT

Quantar explorers re-establish contact with Hyperial. Ironically it is the Quantar – victors over Hyperial in the GVB Wars, that introduce them to TRI. Partially out of resentment for Quantar, Hyperial refuses the membership offered by TRI.

72.9 AT

TRI introduces its first jump capable single pilot vessels to its member factions. Each faction sends seven specially trained and altered pilots to test the vessels under controlled conditions. The tests are an unqualified success. The TRI council votes that only TRI approved vessels may be used as part of the reconstruction effort.

99.4 AT

TRI for the first time openly recruits new pilots. The first recruits to sign up choose the callsigns Vorg and Postal.

99.5 AT

Due to great technological leaps the number of TRI pilots continues to increase rapidly. Adventurers from all walks of life seek careers in space. TRI’s influence is growing at the same rate.

100.1 AT

TRI celebrates its centennial in Standard Years by offering millions of credits in TRI sponsored Free for All tournaments.

100.6 AT

A new race labeled as "Conflux" enters TRI space and is believed to be hostile.

100.11 AT

Solrain pilot Lothar is the first TRI pilot to gain Optimus status, the highest possible rank. The proud pilot is honored by TRI and all fellow pilots. A rediscovered station in neutral space is named for him.

101.7 AT

A massive recruiting drive is initiated by TRI to stem the tide of Conflux aggression, and to continue reconstruction efforts into the future...