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Heavy Rail Gun
Dorator may be attempting to upstage Aristio with this weapon, which some claim to merely be a reverse-engineered Hitman with some minor improvements.

Production Center(s): Octavius Great Pillars
CodeName: Flail
Classification: Heavy Rail Gun
Manufacturer: Dorator
TechLevel: 31
Size(ucs): 4
Mass(kg): 3,450
Velocity(m/s): 2,600
Delay(s): 0.4
Damage(u): 780.0 K
Energy Use(nJ/f): 840.0 K
Ammo: 580
Required Components: Chromium   Chromium
Cobalt   Cobalt
Titanium   Titanium
Vanadium   Vanadium
Electronics   Electronics
Magnetics   Magnetics