technical specifications   

"Octavius Great Pillars"

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Bravo Class
Octavius High Command adamantly states that Great Pillars is simply a science facility, and denies the rumors that GP is a weapons range and production center. The people of Martius run Great Pillars with great efficiency, nearly as well as Octavius Core itself.

  Production Inventory
Items listed are typically made every production cycle. This may vary due to a number of factors, such as low supplies of components, machine breakdown, the weather, etc. Unlisted items may also be produced in some circumstances. This listing should only be used as a rough guide.
Water   Water
Aluminum   Aluminum
Cobalt   Cobalt
Iridium   Iridium
Vanadium   Vanadium
Fuel Cells   Fuel Cells
Chemicals   Chemicals
Helium   Helium
Explosives   Explosives
Ammunition   Ammunition
Synthetics   Synthetics
Machined Parts   Machined Parts
Armor   Armor
Trap   Trap
Tank   Tank
Carrier   Carrier
Pint   Pint
Summoner   Summoner
Jug   Jug
Outlet   Outlet
Jar   Jar
Pusher   Pusher
Guzzler   Guzzler
Burn   Burn
Impeler   Impeler
Oteca   Oteca
Propulser   Propulser
Weapon Systems - Guns
Illuminator   Illuminator
Calefactor   Calefactor
Straker   Straker
Rasp   Rasp
Injustice   Injustice
Cobra   Cobra
FeatherFire   FeatherFire
Duster   Duster
LightFire   LightFire
Lastlight   Lastlight
Flail   Flail
Weapon Systems - Missiles
Smacker   Smacker
Stinger   Stinger
Sledge   Sledge
Lance   Lance
Stiletto   Stiletto
HellRazor   HellRazor
SeaBear E   SeaBear E
Hawkeye   Hawkeye
Duelist   Duelist
Centerfuge Mk.I   Centerfuge Mk.I
Centerfuge Mk.III   Centerfuge Mk.III
Centerfuge Mk.IV   Centerfuge Mk.IV
Centerfuge Mk.II   Centerfuge Mk.II
Opal   Opal
Cyclops   Cyclops
Clarifier   Clarifier
Beholder   Beholder
Outlook   Outlook
Sentry   Sentry
Sentinel   Sentinel
Deflector   Deflector
Resistor   Resistor
Makk   Makk
Protector   Protector
Omnus   Omnus
Defier   Defier