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Rapid Fire Munitions
Think of the Straker as a basic machine gun. Although each projectile does relatively little damage, they can be fired with amazing succession without much drain on energy systems. Make sure you get in nice and close before pulling the trigger.

Production Center(s): Octavius Core
Octavius Great Pillars
Octavius Outpost
CodeName: Straker
Classification: Rapid Fire Munitions
Manufacturer: Octave Prop. Labs
TechLevel: 4
Size(ucs): 1
Mass(kg): 320
Velocity(m/s): 1,750
Delay(s): 0.2
Damage(u): 125.0 K
Energy Use(nJ/f): 45,200
Ammo: 1,600
Required Components: Aluminum   Aluminum
Machined Parts   Machined Parts