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Long Range Mortar
The Rasp is a powerful but slow mortar weapon which can be fired over long distances with some degree of accuracy. It is best used for considerable damage from long range, then move in for the kill.

Production Center(s): Octavius Core
Octavius Great Pillars
Octavius Outpost
CodeName: Rasp
Classification: Long Range Mortar
Manufacturer: Octave Prop. Labs
TechLevel: 26
Size(ucs): 3
Mass(kg): 2,150
Velocity(m/s): 2,000
Delay(s): 1.25
Damage(u): 1,150.0 K
Energy Use(nJ/f): 261,000
Ammo: 140
Required Components: Aluminum   Aluminum
Composites   Composites
Machined Parts   Machined Parts