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Improved Quantum Barrier
The Defier strikes the best balance in the upscale size 2 shield segment. Compared to OPL's 'Resistor', it loses only efficiency and gains in the areas of both recharge rate and total capacity.

Production Center(s): Octavius Core
Octavius Great Pillars
Octavius Outpost
CodeName: Defier
Classification: Improved Quantum Barrier
Manufacturer: Octave Propulsion Labs
TechLevel: 18
Size(ucs): 2
Mass(kg): 3,800
Efficiency(upc): 0.6
MaxRegenRate: 165.0 K
MaxDeflect: 8,500.0 K
BaseRate: 2,210
Required Components: Aluminum   Aluminum
Boron   Boron
Composites   Composites
Magnetics   Magnetics
Fiber Optics   Fiber Optics