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Fusion Reactor
They say you reap what you sow. The Reaper is the finest fusion reactor available from your friends at Cromforge Enterprises. It generates significant power for less mass than the competing Sport Plus, at a lower cost.

Production Center(s): Quantar Core
Quantar TriPoint
Quantar Corridor
CodeName: Reaper
Classification: Fusion Reactor
Manufacturer: Cromforge Enterprises
TechLevel: 14
Size(ucs): 4
Mass(kg): 6,500
Energy Output(W): 10,000.0 K
Required Components: Titanium   Titanium
Helium   Helium
Laser Components   Laser Components
Composites   Composites
Machined Parts   Machined Parts
Magnetics   Magnetics
Power Converters   Power Converters