technical specifications   

"Quantar Corridor"

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Bravo Class
Corridor station, like TriPoint, is built inside a mined out asteroid of immense size. The remaining shell is particularly dense, providing a more than adequate defense from raiders and pirates. Like all asteroid-based stations, the Quantar revere Corridor as a temple as well as a station.

  Production Inventory
Items listed are typically made every production cycle. This may vary due to a number of factors, such as low supplies of components, machine breakdown, the weather, etc. Unlisted items may also be produced in some circumstances. This listing should only be used as a rough guide.
Gallium   Gallium
Germanium   Germanium
Lithium   Lithium
Molybdenum   Molybdenum
Uranium   Uranium
Zinc   Zinc
Manufactured Foods   Manufactured Foods
Nitrogen   Nitrogen
Laser Components   Laser Components
Optics   Optics
Gravitational Components   Gravitational Components
Rubber   Rubber
Armor   Armor
Trap   Trap
Seed   Seed
Spore   Spore
Keytso   Keytso
Germ   Germ
Sponge   Sponge
Mitoria   Mitoria
Cardoia   Cardoia
Caster   Caster
Shepherd   Shepherd
Mitoria Plus   Mitoria Plus
Mitoria-S   Mitoria-S
Weapon Systems - Guns
Bender   Bender
Warper   Warper
Needle   Needle
Thorn   Thorn
Broker   Broker
Banker   Banker
Cracker   Cracker
Distorter   Distorter
Prospector   Prospector
Financier Mk.II   Financier Mk.II
Weapon Systems - Missiles
Calypso   Calypso
Sirrus   Sirrus
Purgatory   Purgatory
Grave Robber   Grave Robber
Oracle   Oracle
Abattis   Abattis
Gatherer   Gatherer
Harvester   Harvester
Collector   Collector
Reaper   Reaper
Rake   Rake
Spud   Spud
Root   Root
Creeper   Creeper
Vine   Vine
Wayfinder   Wayfinder
Liana   Liana
Ivy   Ivy
Pod   Pod
Canopy   Canopy
Shroud   Shroud
Shelter   Shelter
Kydango   Kydango
Haven   Haven