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Gravity Flux Detector
The Ivy is Cromforge Enterprises' answer to the demand for more powerful explorer-class radar systems. Pilots engaged in scouting extensive grids of space or the retrieval of lost pre-collapse wreckage will find this radar very helpful without sacrificing too much power.

Production Center(s): Quantar Core
Quantar TriPoint
Quantar Corridor
CodeName: Ivy
Classification: Gravity Flux Detector
Manufacturer: Cromforge Enterprises
TechLevel: 34
SensorLevel: 3
Size(ucs): 4
Mass(kg): 354
Max Range(m): 47,000
Power Use(W): 253.0 K
Required Components: Copper   Copper
Germanium   Germanium
Platinum   Platinum
Silver   Silver
Zinc   Zinc
RF Transceivers   RF Transceivers