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Force Field
Cromforge enters the lucrative force field market with the Shroud… a highly efficient and very effective way to keep Octavian feces off your hard earned rocks. A must buy for any serious Quantar pilot.

Production Center(s): Quantar Core
Quantar TriPoint
Quantar Corridor
CodeName: Shroud
Classification: Force Field
Manufacturer: Cromforge Enterprises
TechLevel: 16
Size(ucs): 4
Mass(kg): 5,000
Efficiency(upc): 0.9
MaxRegenRate: 204.5 K
MaxDeflect: 24,000.0 K
BaseRate: 3,600
Required Components: Composites   Composites
Boron   Boron
Fiber Optics   Fiber Optics
Magnetics   Magnetics