Sector Claims

Attention, pilot! Tache Uzelin here, from the TRI Ministry of Defense, with a briefing on the protocols which will allow your squad to claim sectors in TRI space - and to be rewarded by TRI and your faction for defending them.

Sector Disputes

The Ministry of Defense has begun an initiative that will allow squads, motivated by patriotism, or aggressiveness, to lay claim to one or more sectors. The claiming squad is making an assertion that they will act to prevent Conflux activity, piracy, or other undesirable activity in that sector. Claiming a sector is a bold statement of capability. It is also risky, because any other squad who feels themselves more capable to perform this challenging task may dispute your claim - and disputes are settled by combat!

This program is receiving strong support from the three member factions, apparently in the hope that loyal squads will help keep faction space clear of Conflux and other riffraff. TRI has chosen to support this initiative due to the immediate need for capable combat pilots to defend TRI space against the Conflux menace. Credit toward TRI rank (experience points) will be awarded to squad pilots who participate in this program. Additionally, cash bounties for all Conflux kills in a claimed sector are doubled. However, due to funding cuts, insurance payouts for deaths resulting from a sector dispute will be slightly reduced (but not eliminated). It is thus in your interest not to be on the losing side of a sector dispute. Don't try to claim a sector alone!


The TRI beacons form a fundamental part of the process of claiming a sector. Any sector with a beacon may be claimed by a squad. Any member of a squad may issue the /sq claim command to claim a sector. Squad leaders who object to this power being held by all squad members are advised to submit form SC-4232-J to the TRI Ministry of Defense, or act to keep their squad members in line.

Information on sector claims is recorded and displayed on a map screen overlay. Minute-by-minute reports on the changing status of sectors are displayed on the WAR: com channel. Messages regarding the changing state of a sector are also displayed to pilots in the sector.

Issuing the /sq claim command in a sector will transfer the claim to your squad if the sector is unclaimed, or if no members of the claiming squad are present to defend their claim. If members of the claiming squad are present, all TRI regulations on combat between members of your squads are rescinded within the disputed sector only. A disputing squad must destroy or drive out of the sector all members of the claiming squad or other disputing squads to prove their right to claim the sector. The claiming squad may also destroy or drive out of the sector any members of disputing squads. However, as long as disputing squad ships remain in the sector, the claiming squad is also obligated to send a ship through the beacon at least once every ten minutes to prove they are maintaining control of sector travel. Should the claiming squad fail in this duty, they cease receiving an award from TRI until the dispute is settled.

Record of each squad's success or failure in defending their sector claims will be recorded in the external portion of JOSSH.


In the interest of awarding each participating pilot according to his potential contribution, the award is proportional to the TRI rank of the receiving individual. Squad members in immediate range of the beacon (within the claimed sector) will receive the full benefit of the award for holding the sector. Other squad members in TRI space will also receive an experience award, but it will be greatly reduced. Faction members belonging to a squad that has claimed a sector in their faction's space will receive a small bonus to their award. The award will be received every ten minutes for as long as the sector is claimed. It is possible for one squad to hold more than one sector at a time, assuming the squad has the resources to maintain those claims.