Hey pilot, it's Zhilaa Katdinal again. (I'm the Divisional Chief of the TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography.) Anyway, I've just received several curious reports about anomalous phenomena which are passing through the known sectors. These gaseous clouds and such are being termed 'weather', and are suspected to have adverse effects on any ships brave enough to navigate the storms. Just thought you, uh, might want to know... be careful out there.

Weather Fronts

The term 'weather' refers to shifting spatial anomalies which are present within known space. These conditions are constantly changing, and it is likely that unknown weather types will drift through TRI space from time to time. These storms often create wind-like turbulence due to their movement. Weather movement can be tracked by using the map, or by checking the weather section of the external JOSSH system's 'News and Statistics' page.

Another thing to keep in mind about weather is that the distortion effects within a jumpgate will shield you from damage or wind. It is a good idea to use this to your advantage, and survey a sector before leaving the gate.

Below is a listing of known weather types.

Known Meteorological Classifications

Clear - This sector is clear of weather.

Plasma Storm - This storm is an electrically neutral, highly ionized gas cloud with an orange tint. Temperatures within this cloud tend to be extremely high. Standard TRI chassis are built to withstand large temperature fluctuations, most armor plates are not. Since standard armor is built to absorb energy, this storm will quickly melt thin layers of plating. Make sure to buy a heavily armored craft if you plan to fly into the heart of this storm, or you will be a flying eggshell in no time.

Elevated 'Up' Quark Field - Due to the increased levels of 'Up' quarks within this storm, shield generators are not able to establish an elevated zero-point quantum energy level. (Shields will not function in this field.)

Gaseous Cloud - This storm is a thick cloud composed of dust and neutral particles, and greatly reduces visibility. The exact make-up of this cloud is not known, although the coloring has spawned rumors that this has drifted in from Amananth space. This "fog" has no known additional effects, and is relatively safe to fly in.