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Solrain Societal Overview

Solrain's TRI wing is efficient in combat, trade, mining and all aspects of reconstruction efforts. This results from their business philosophies in monopolizing several financial markets. Often boasting superior size cargo bays, as well as highly developed shield design, the technical ability of the average Sorian pilot is not to be mocked. The Solrain home world, rich in raw materials and fertile soil, has allowed this nation to advance economically and agriculturally. Thanks to the typical Sorian's predator-like business practices, Solrain has the deepest pockets of any faction by far. This is why no other faction pays as high a signing bonus to new pilots. Primary resources within the system include agricultural products and soft materials, among them barium, gold, iron, etc.

Tactical View    

The civilians of this system are adept at the manufacturing process, and as such have access to many different types of technology. The Sorian trading prowess is a result of their stranglehold monopolies on the agricultural markets and several trade routes more so then on their skill as negotiators. Solrain values the deep space trade routes above all else, thus the existence of its "persuasive" defense wings.

Rank Matrix

Solrain society is based heavily on experience, as are most of the recognized formal societies. Sorian pilots gain status in a plethora of ways. Actions of brutal efficiency which maximize profits for either individual or nation are the best for gaining status as a promising Sorian pilot.

Solrain System Overview

The Solrain System is located between Hyperial and Octavius, and consists of approximately 25 sectors. At present the Sorians have built 3 space stations - Solrain Core Station, Wake Station, and Cornea Station. These stations are located near the dominant planets of the Solrain System - Soria, Hellion, and Amanra.


Solrain Core: Soria

Population: 7,000,000,000
Capital City: Halicon
Cities of note: Kalibas, Hermenion, Eltherios
Corporations: T&P, Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristo, Annihilitech, Lexxor

Soria is the premier planet of the Commonwealth of Solrain, and the seat of the STCC (Solrain Traders and Citizens Council). Soria is a resource-rich planet, bustling with activity. Space harbors are found everywhere, as commerce, trading and export are Soria's main source of income.

Hellion (reduced by 25%)

The Wake: Hellion

Population: 2,900,000,000
Capital City: Hellion City
Cities of note: Hidros, Argolis, Magna
Corporations: T&P, Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristo, Annihilitech, Lexxor

The biggest planet of the Commonwealth consists primarily of oceans. The majority of Hellion's population resides on the many islands and archipelagos, although sub-oceanic harvesting domes have also been constructed.


The Cornea: Amanra

Population: 5,600,000,000
Capital City: Alexios
Cities of Note: Arestol, Sutonia
Corporations: T&P, Infinite Heavy Industries, Dorator, Aristo, Annihilitech, Lexxor

Amanra prides itself on its excellent educational facilities. Amanra's capitol is best known for the Sorian School of Trading, the biggest institution of higher learning in all known systems with well over 100,000 students.

Solrain Political Overview

Governmental Structure: Republic
Capital Planet: Soria

The STCC (Solrain Traders and Citizens Council) has governed the Commonwealth of Solrain for several decades. While the three most influential offices are by appointment by STCC members, the remaining offices (the four speakers) are democratically elected every three years. The STCC also appoints the governors for the Sorian space stations.

Personnel Profile

Primary Political Leaders:

Premier: Cristofore Parce (m)
Minister of Trade: Ferrix Charyb (m)
Minister of Citizenry: Aljia Keval (f)

STCC Speakers:

Imogen Hugin (f)
Tmolus Merva (m)
Demeter Garreth (f)
Cassia Verhal (f)

Station Governors:

Solrain Core: Phelix Cormonra (m)
The Wake: Hantor Rebenios (m)
The Cornea: Elia del Babon (f)