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Pilot Personnal Information
Full NameAmbrosius Amaroh
Date of Birth71.7.31
Home PlanetPerasca
OccupationQuantar Monk
BiographyAmbrosius' father was a barge pilot, collecting oreloads from miners and transporting them back to Perasca. His mother was a musician. He attended The Jenos School of Mines, but unlike many of his friends who focused on Geology or Engineering, Ambrosius majored in Management with a minor in History. He was fascinated both with Quantar history and lore, and also with the pre-collapse history of all factions.

After university, he joined Venurian Prospecting in the Management Development Program. Although he advanced quickly in Venurian, he felt unfulfilled. He felt deeply that he was destined for something else, and after just five years, he left Venurian and joined a monastery on Perasca.

At age 29, Ambrosius was accepted into the TRI Jump-Pilot program. At age 30 he founded The Brotherhood of the Stone -- a well-respected Quantar squad that he has led ever since.

Spirit of UnityMerit of DefenseSafety BeltRing of Commitment
Tactical PrideHonor's MarkLeap of FaithPath of Light
Closed EyeShame's MarkWire of InstabilityQuantar Duty Ribbon
Quantar Duty RibbonQuantar Duty RibbonQuantar Duty RibbonQuantar Duty Ribbon
Quantar Duty RibbonUnity StripeUnity Stripe IUnity Stripe II
Operations RibbonOperations Ribbon IOperations Ribbon IISkill Star
Skill StarSkill StarSkill StarGlory Star
Glory StarGates of HeavenRed MatrixGreen Matrix
Orange MatrixRainbow MatrixNuke SplinterNuke Shard
Nuke GemKey of HeavenStreets of HeavenIce Splinter
Ice ShardIce GemDark SplinterDark Shard
Dark GemEmerald NovaRising StarStarburst
Sarath's ShineExplorer's StarGules PendantVert Pendant
Azure PendantOr PendantCaptain's CommendationCaptain's Commendation
Captain's CommendationChrysalis Campaign Ribbon
active Ambrosius

Mercenary - May be engaged by other Mercenary pilots and by Military pilots under RoE.
rank Shivan [47]
squad Brotherhood
experience needed to
acquire your next rank
combat categories
Solrain kills 5
political status Dedicated (42)
Octavius kills 3
political status Dependable (30)
Quantar kills 0
political status Exalted (124)
political status Unfailing (100)
political status Feared (-88)
  total pilot kills 8
bounty collected c601827
bounty per kill c75228
deaths 41
kill ratio 19 %
  Conflux kills 3381
  gunshots fired 109319
gunshots hit 40914
gun accuracy 37 %
missiles fired 408
missiles hit 235
missile accuracy 57 %
non-combat categories
  experience 8147657
credits 78013422
net worth c78013422
  launches 1657
landings 1476
disconnects 152
duty hours 550
  missions taken 746
missions complete 731
insurance rating 9
pure asteroids mined 93
artifacts found 56
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