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General game information and documentation

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Additional Realtime game related information and News

Station Inventories:Station inventories and profitability
   Alphabetical:All items, alphabetically
   By Quantity:All items, low stock first
All Pilots:Pilots both Online and Offline
All Squads:A listing of all the squads
Non-Station Sectors:A Listing of the Non-Station Sectors by Factionality

Jumpgate Fansites and Inactive Historical Sites

Following is a list of player-created sites with content related to the Jumpgate game server.

The Following Sites are no longer active, they are listed here for Historical Reference only.
  • - JGCentral
  • - Darkspace Dispatch newsletter
  • - EU Community Forum + MG Archives (DE & EN)
  • - JG Universe Network Hall of Fame
  • - JG Forum on SpaceSimCentral

Soldarian Storm makes no representations regarding the content of these sites and is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy or acceptability of content found by visiting these links.
To request addition of your site to this list, please contact

Files and Patches provided by SoldarianStorm

JGRotPro Market Lister Fix:This is a replacement executable that is patched to find the inventory information.
It can be downloaded from this link:
Unzip the file and replace the JGRotPro.exe file in the directory where it is installed.
JGRotPro Setup:
Full Install for JGRotPro - Needs the patch above to get up to date market data.
JGRotPro Setup - Zipped:
Full Install for JGRotPro - Needs the patch above to get up to date market data.
JGRotPro Data folder - Zipped up:
Contains the common DB and pattern files.
Offline Sim with all Conflux:Download a version of Jumpgate where the offline sim has been patched to allow for summoning any level of Conflux. Use the /ai command followed by the conflux level to spawn a conflux. Such as /ai 5 to spawn a C5 Snail.
Download using the following link:
Unzip folder and create a shortcut to the jumpgate.exe file in there. DO NOT overwrite your existing Jumpgate folder, as this version will not connect you to the server!
Deep View ActiveX Control Download:To view and rotate the 3-D models of the ships and artifact wreckage, the Deep View ActiveX control is required. You can download and install it using the following link:
If you receive an error message while trying to view the models after installing this program, check your security settings (ActiveX must be allowed) or use another web browser. Using Microsoft Internet Explorer is prefered.