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Pilot Personnal Information
Full NameNone
Date of BirthNone
Home PlanetNone

Spirit of UnitySafety BeltRing of CommitmentHonor's Mark
Leap of FaithPath of LightClosed EyeShame's Mark
Wire of InstabilityOctavius Duty RibbonUnity StripeUnity Stripe I
Unity Stripe IIOperations RibbonOperations Ribbon ISkill Star
Skill StarSkill StarGates of HeavenKey of Heaven
Cross of the CounselorCross of the MentorRuby NovaSapphire Nova
Emerald NovaAmethyst NovaStarburstSarath's Shine
Explorer's StarGules PendantVert PendantAzure Pendant
Or Pendant
active Blakeys7

Civilian - Peaceful Intent, aggressive engagement will result in penalty.
rank First Praetorius [41]
squad Fatal Shadows
experience needed to
acquire High Praetorius rank
combat categories
Solrain kills 0
political status Unfailing (100)
Octavius kills 0
political status Exalted (119)
Quantar kills 0
political status Unfailing (100)
political status Unfailing (100)
political status Dependable (26)
  total pilot kills 0
bounty collected c0
bounty per kill c0
deaths 28
kill ratio 0 %
  Conflux kills 1560
  gunshots fired 231417
gunshots hit 57020
gun accuracy 24 %
missiles fired 57
missiles hit 15
missile accuracy 26 %
non-combat categories
  experience 4059252
credits 54921977
net worth c54921977
  launches 684
landings 609
disconnects 98
duty hours 289
  missions taken 381
missions complete 361
insurance rating 9
pure asteroids mined 3
artifacts found 0
Pilot Account Last Updated 2016-07-28 22:41:47