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Pilot Personnal Information
Full NameNone
Date of BirthNone
Home PlanetNone

Spirit of UnityMerit of DefenseSafety BeltRing of Commitment
Tactical PrideHonor's MarkLeap of FaithClosed Eye
The Ironic TrustWire of InstabilityUnity StripeUnity Stripe I
Unity Stripe IIOperations RibbonSkill StarGates of Heaven
Key of HeavenStreets of HeavenCross of the CounselorCross of the Mentor
Ruby NovaEmerald NovaRising StarStarburst
Sarath's Shine
active ElWray

Mercenary - May be engaged by other Mercenary pilots and by Military pilots under RoE.
rank First Praetorius [41]
squad Unbreakable
experience needed to
acquire High Praetorius rank
combat categories
Solrain kills 4
political status Devoted (62)
Octavius kills 10
political status Unfailing (91)
Quantar kills 6
political status Neutral (0)
political status Unfailing (100)
political status Unfailing (86)
  total pilot kills 20
bounty collected c30000
bounty per kill c1500
deaths 15
kill ratio 133 %
  Conflux kills 1211
  gunshots fired 118439
gunshots hit 33539
gun accuracy 28 %
missiles fired 150
missiles hit 29
missile accuracy 19 %
non-combat categories
  experience 3959341
credits 2988776
net worth c2988776
  launches 433
landings 411
disconnects 18
duty hours 279
  missions taken 235
missions complete 232
insurance rating 9
pure asteroids mined 0
artifacts found 0
Pilot Account Last Updated 2015-07-26 03:41:09