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Pilot Personnal Information
Full NameNone
Date of BirthNone
Home PlanetNone

Spirit of UnityMerit of DefenseSafety BeltRing of Commitment
Tactical PrideHonor's MarkLeap of FaithPath of Light
Closed EyeShame's MarkWire of InstabilityOctavius Mission Ribbon
Octavius Mission RibbonOctavius Duty RibbonUnity StripeUnity Stripe I
Operations RibbonGlory StarGates of HeavenKey of Heaven
Streets of HeavenCross of the CounselorCross of the MentorCross of the Mentor
Ruby NovaStarburstSarath's ShineExplorer's Star
Gules PendantVert PendantAzure PendantOr Pendant
active Paule0815

Military - May be engaged by other Military pilots under RoE.
rank Empirius [39]
squad Paladine
experience needed to
acquire Praetorius rank
combat categories
Solrain kills 1
political status Dedicated (48)
Octavius kills 0
political status Honored (108)
Quantar kills 2
political status Legitimate (6)
political status Unfailing (100)
political status Neutral (0)
  total pilot kills 3
bounty collected c10000
bounty per kill c3333
deaths 23
kill ratio 13 %
  Conflux kills 845
  gunshots fired 299220
gunshots hit 62601
gun accuracy 20 %
missiles fired 352
missiles hit 121
missile accuracy 34 %
non-combat categories
  experience 3155691
credits 160096
net worth c160096
  launches 467
landings 387
disconnects 26
duty hours 230
  missions taken 140
missions complete 134
insurance rating 9
pure asteroids mined 0
artifacts found 0
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