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Pilot Personnal Information
Full NameUnit sb0006 Super Borg Series
Date of BirthNone
Home PlanetUUkyLea
OccupationHuman Emotion Scientist
BiographyAs Borgs with Human Emotion and Bio-Elasticity along with Over-Welming TelePathic Thought Processes. We are likely to out think the Flux Nation and Conquer them one day. In the Mean Time.....Supply Everyone we can Everywhere Universally.

Spirit of UnitySafety BeltRing of CommitmentTactical Pride
Honor's MarkLeap of FaithClosed EyeWire of Instability
Octavius Duty RibbonOctavius Duty RibbonOctavius Duty RibbonOctavius Duty Ribbon
Octavius Duty RibbonUnity StripeOperations RibbonOperations Ribbon I
Skill StarSkill StarSkill StarSkill Star
Glory StarGates of HeavenKey of HeavenPrecious Splinter
Precious ShardPrecious GemRuby NovaStarburst
active TriBorg

Civilian - Peaceful Intent, aggressive engagement will result in penalty.
rank Phaeton [36]
experience needed to
acquire First Phaeton rank
combat categories
Solrain kills 0
political status Unfailing (100)
Octavius kills 0
political status Worshipped (125)
Quantar kills 0
political status Devoted (62)
political status Honored (101)
political status Unfailing (85)
  total pilot kills 0
bounty collected c0
bounty per kill c0
deaths 21
kill ratio 0 %
  Conflux kills 300
  gunshots fired 31099
gunshots hit 6712
gun accuracy 21 %
missiles fired 306
missiles hit 174
missile accuracy 56 %
non-combat categories
  experience 2301030
credits 53685565
net worth c53685565
  launches 479
landings 428
disconnects 24
duty hours 251
  missions taken 384
missions complete 380
insurance rating 9
pure asteroids mined 19
artifacts found 0
Pilot Account Last Updated 2021-10-16 06:09:35