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Name: -=OMC=-

Founder: Dogzilla

Description:Established 2000.08.29

OMC, previously known as Ghost Dogs assembled as Ceta wing inside OEC. GD ended its tour of duty with OEC and was established as GDOMC (Ghost Dogs Octavian Marine Command).

GDOMC, founder of O.M.A. (Octavian Military Alliance) which later merge with O.C.T. (Octavian Confederation Treaty) to eventually form the O.C.A. (Octavian Confederate Alliance).

The initials OMC became the standard for Octavian Dignity, Honor, Loyalty, Prestige and Power and after many years of exclusive Octavian service. OMC has dedicated its vision to serving all factions equally under the leadership of TRI.

Today, OMC (Omega Merchant Command) now enlist pilots of Solrain, Quantar and Octavius. Whether your an experienced veteran or fresh out the academy. OMC has a place for you.

Mission Directive:
The mission of OMC is to serve all factions equally. Although OMC is military in structure, we are an econ unit primarily with the ability for combat if necessary. Our mission directives our as follows:

1. Eradicate the Conflux without mercy and with extreme prejudice.
2. Ensure beacons are kept turned to there factions frequency.
3. Offer assistance in completion of faction and TRI missions.
4. Render escort services for pilots mining ore or transporting commodities.
5. Assist in the stocking of stations.
6. Engage in and insure completion of faction and/or TRI missions
7. Return beacons to factions color when possible. Diplomatic Relations: Condition Green:
OMC has active Non Aggression Treaties in place with squad and/or pilot.

Condition Yellow:
OMC acknowledges tensions exist and list squad and/or pilot as possible candidate for conflict. OMC is in defensive mode and believes squad and/or pilot may attack without warning. In such cases, OMC reserves the right to retaliate when engaged.