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Name: Dorator Tech

Founder: Dorator_1

Description:Founded by Malkev Dorator of Ares Prime, Dorator technologies is an incredibly well funded company with a very diversified field of interest.

As a manufacturer, Dorator has built its reputation around projectile weapons, with the Barrak, being the big-seller. On 106.4.7, Dorator successfully completed a hostile takeover of Particle Systems, Inc. (PSI), thus adding plasma weapons to its manufacturing arsenal.

What is less well know about Dorator is that is one of the premier privately-held R&D organizations, rivaled only by Lexxor and TRI Corp. Dorator designed and built the TRI Enforcer advanced-technology fighter, and also made significant contributions to TRI’s C.L.A.W.S. array. It is also known for its security technologies and its data-recovery services.

Dorator has offices on all Octavius stations, all Solrain stations and on Hyperial station.

Dorator Tech, "We Build It!"