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Name: ION

Founder: OmegaOPS

Description:Imperial Octavian Navy

With the authority of Imperial Excellency,Clements IV, in the pursuit of protecting and influencing Octavian interests in TRI Regulated and Unregulated Sectors, the Emperor has provided funding for the creation of the Imperial Octavian Navy.

The Navy shall protect Octavian civilians from senseless slaughtering. The Navy will eradicate any non-Octavian TRI vessel with a bounty from TRI space. The Navy has been ordered to expand the Empire`s borders into Hyperial, Amananth, and Unregulated Sectors. The Emperor has permitted use of aggressive actions within unregulated space and upon Honor Guard vessels in Octavian borders.

The Emperor needs You!! If interested in the Imperial Octavian Navy contact your local Octavian recruiter and join today!