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Name: Koops Inc.

Founder: Koopmans

Description:Service provider in secure transport and logistics.
We operate in the universewide transport and logistics market. We provide logistical services encompassing transport, distribution and warehousing (all in an integrated cold-chain, if necessary).

Koops Inc. is a civilian corporation, our members do under no circumstances participate in warfare. Temporary exemptions from Koops Inc. for military services are possible.

118.2.11 Koops Inc. started mining operations near Quantar Corridor. "Transport and logistics was, is and will stay our main business, but we will seriously focus on mining in the next weeks and see how it works out and if this will become another division of our corporation!" said CEO Roger Koops.

120.2.2 We at Koops Inc. would like to welcome our new trainees Ilosch and Talosch! It is time to expand and the current market situation needs a lot of mined ore. Focus will be the current Quantar-mining-FM.

121.03.31 Koops Inc. - Company Holidays - We will cease all activities during the next 5 days, 121.04.01 until 04.05. - Stay save and healthy!
~ Roger K.

121.04.06 Back in business! We will start with two deliveries, missiles build at Quantar Core or Tri-Point to Amananth and Sharks to Quantar stations.

121.04.25 Koops Inc.' CSO Naratey K'oh aka "Nara" was forced to join the Octavian military today when she docked at Great Pillars station. She is no longer an employee of Koops Inc. until she fulfils the contract, signed years ago. Apart from the fact that she never had any ambitions to leave Koops Inc., I assume that she got brainwashed.
Internal communication was cut off imediately.

121.05.02 Welcome back Daron "dope" Opealcis & welcome to Factotum and Paspartu, we have some work to do!