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Name: TRI

Founder: Drevent

Description:TRI is dedicated to working for the good of all pilots in the universe and exterminating the confux menace.
We mine we trade we produce equipment and commodities.

We do not engage in factional conflict or politics.

If you are a miner a haulier or a fluxer you are welcome to join us we are a multifactional squad.

We sometimes venture into unreg space to flux or aquire equipment or deliver comods to and from Aman space if you see us in unreg we will not fire upon you unless you fire first.

Unless you have pirate tags

Each member of TRI can decide weather to pay Pirates or not if you decide not and die don't whine.
If you are a pirate and a TRI kills you don't whine

It's a game get over it and grow a pair

any squad member who does not log in for 6 months will be removed